Los Angeles, CA

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I have always looked for the emotion of a scene. 

Photography packages vary based on project. Full survice provided, with access to studios and equipment for any sitiuation. Please contact to see how best we can work together. 

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What people saying about Greg!

"Greg was so professional and had a great attitude, he was wonderful to have on set! As an actor, I noticed that he did not interfere with our work at all while he was taking photographs. I barely noticed he was taking pictures and then he produced these gorgeous photos at the end that were perfect for promotional purposes. I'd absolutely recommend him." - Kira

"He was fantastic to work with, and managed to get amazing shots without ever disturbing the shoot or getting in the way of the production. I was thrilled with the quality of the pictures; not only technically speaking, but the way in which Greg was able to capture the essence of our comedy and the feel of our characters. I would highly recommend him; he's a laid back yet extremely dependable guy who has a real eye for what he does. Fantastic stuff!" - Lauren

"I've worked with Greg over the years on several conferences and always amazed at some of the candid and artistic shots he captures. Whether it's capturing BTS photos of teams working through the program or actual shots from the program as it's unfolding and even product photography that enables us to visualize speaker presentations, Greg delivers." - Max

"Greg is incredible! He was a gaffer on my film shoot and was SO professional, helpful, proactive and a joy to be around. He lit the whole film beautifully and I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer or a gaffer." - Rebecca

"Greg was the still photographer on my feature film,  and we absolutely couldn't have asked for anyone better! We had an embarrassment of choices when it came time to choose photos for marketing and promotion, which, as filmmakers know, is not always the case. Aside from the stellar quality of the work, Greg was also a subtle, respectful, and genial presence on set. He was always discreet while on set and is also just a great guy to have around. Really cannot recommend him highly enough!" - Naomi

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